so for me being gay is gettins harder im sick of ppl callin me names or juss being plain mean its liek seriously grow up! ugh it pisses me off so bad and idk how to deal wit it anymore! any advice???

I need some help new friends here plz

Dude I dont what to do OMFG I cant belive this my best friend David from Santa barabara call me on my cell and I cant over this I think he have crush on me but i have boyfriend Im so nerus oMFG  I have very mix up feelings omg


Im so confuses i cant belive that David have crush on me I dont what to do?

visit from my son,

My son just left for home at about 2:00 today, he was here for five days,, we went hunting, and watched a lot of football, I enjoy it very much, we live about 4 and 1/2  hours apart , so we don't  see each other like we would like too.. He is 26 now,...


growing up, your told you can not put "a price tag on life"  then when your older and have a heartattack, and later get the hospital bill,,you see in black and white , someone did put a price on your life,,,the sad part , is not that you can not pay...

in a relationship, but still alone

Would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, I will have a good one , because my son will be here,, but hope in the future to learn how to use this site, and gets some answers or ideas, that I can use to find a peaceful , happy time in life,,,I...


I have a lot of questions, and thoughts that I would like to talk about ,,,,49 , gay male

Gay Michigan student defends suspended teacher

A 14-year-old who issued an impassioned defense of a suspended teacher has become a bit of an Internet folk hero in a new viral video.  Over the weekend, gossip blogger Perez Hilton and several other high-traffic sites picked up the video, which...

Aidslifecycle 10

Im so excited Im doing aidslifecycle 10 from San Fran to Los Angeles This event mean alot to me I need Donated for people livin with hiv and Aidslifecycle and the money going to Los angeles Gay and Lesnbian center.  i cant wait do Aidslifecycle 10...

National Day of Silence

Hey everybody,   I wanted to let everyone know about this event coming up called "National Day of Silence." On this day, April 29, 2011 (the date might be wrong) students around the world wear duct tape on their mouths, and write "NO H8" on their...


Haha it seems like there arent that many of us.... So raise your hand if you're bi.


I don't know how many of you have been bullied, or maybe have been a bully yourself, but it's time to stand your grounds. We are taught as young children not to do tis not to do that, but obviously that is not enough. Did you know that at least 26% of...